Sunday 14th July 2024
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Comsure operates in:the UK, Jersey, Guernsey

Our Benefits

Comsure can help organisations to develop a comprehensive and robust compliance framework, based on regulatory and legal issues impacting on your business.

The possession of such a framework will help an organisation to:

  1. Gain a real understanding of key areas of compliance risk;
  2. Build an inventory of its information assets which can be ranked according to their respective importance within the business;
  3. Monitor the risk status of critical information resources across the business through regular reports;
  4. Focus attention on areas where risk is unacceptably high;
  5. Motivate all staff to drive risk down to an acceptable level;
  6. Achieve demonstrable savings, thereby improving the bottom line;
  7. Drive down the number of all compliance incidents;
  8. Reduce the probability of a major compliance incident;
  9. Maximise the effectiveness of expenditure on compliance controls;
  10. Monitor dependencies between your critical compliance information resources and identify pinch points in the risk chain;
  11. Address the risks specific to new initiatives concerning services and products;
  12. Equip ‘owners’ of information resources to identify and remedy the factors that make risk so high; and
  13. Achieve corporate governance objectives through demonstrating due diligence in information risk management.
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