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Comsure operates in:the UK, Jersey, Guernsey

Sponsorships and Charitable Donations

Our business has strong links with the community. We support cultural, social, educational and sporting activities that contribute to the well-being of the island and elsewhere.

Comsure utilises a criteria programme in order to ensure its funds are used where they are most needed and best spent.

Since its conception, a number of organisations have benefited from Sponsorships and Charitable Donations from Comsure.


ON Friday the 29th January Comsure were kind enough to support local charity Community Savings by running an annual refresher to staff and volunteers on the topic of Anti-Money Laundering.

Community Savings was established in Jersey to support those in the community who are financially or socially disadvantaged.

Whilst Community Savings are not a bank they do provide basic account facilities, much like a credit union.  They can also provide their members with budgeting guidance and in some circumstances with emergency funding loans.  CS are also active in the broader community where they provide Money Management training in secondary schools and to various adult groups on the island.

Brian Curtis, MBE, who is Executive Chairman of the charity comments:

As a charity providing critical services to many vulnerable people in the community, we are grateful to Mathew and his team for providing services to us at no cost, a burden which would ordinarily impact our budget and divert away from the focus of providing appropriate services to our members.

Mathew Beale commented:

“It was a pleasure to help Brian and the team who provide a valuable and necessary service to those in the community who are financially or socially disadvantaged.  These people are also the same people who find it difficult to access “high street banking” services.

Unattractive profitability levels and rising regulatory costs can influence the high street banks when targeting services, as a consequence, this can isolate individuals and/or communities from the financial system.  What I hope I have clarified, is that Community Savings, need not exclude someone, who then may be forced to choose an alternate coping strategy and in turn undermine the islands Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism objectives”

The following testimonial was also provided

The Comsure team kindly offered to assist Community Savings with an annual refresher to staff and volunteers on the topic of AML.  Mathew was able to bring the topic alive with his enthusiastic and knowledgeable delivery.  The content and pitch of the session was well-suited for the mix of audience experience and the interactive Q&A allowed for some interesting practical steer.  The CS team felt suitably informed and re-assured by the update.

Brian Curtis MBE

Executive Chairman, Community Savings

CS AML pic 2 CS AML pic


Comsure has sponsored the children at Yaowawit School in Thailand.

“Yaowawit School is a boarding school for orphans, broken families and children of the poorest of the poor. They are suffering from the aftermath of the Tsunami, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect and absolute poverty. The goal is to assist the children to permanently break out of the cycle of poverty.

The children are given an excellent education, healthcare, future-oriented practical training and life skills, and a secure, loving and happy home. The school is essentially a village within a village where we teach our students entrepreneurship, each child choosing an individual trade, and how to take care of the school, its facilities and their own future.

Sport, music and dance are positively encouraged and prizes are awarded for cleanliness, diligence and excellence.

The school is currently dependent on the generosity of sponsors and donors.”

News update
2010 – “A group of children from Hong Kong International School” recently visited Yaowawit School. During their trip they took many photos and made a beautiful collage and posted the results. The photos below show how much the kids of Yaowawit and from Hong Kong enjoyed the visit. It really makes the kids feel loved and valued. You will also notice many of the boys wearing fabulous blue Spurs shirts donated for the second year by Comsure. These visitors and donors are invaluable for the success of the school and the happiness of the children.

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