Sunday 14th July 2024
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Comsure operates in:the UK, Jersey, Guernsey

Key Risk Alliance ( KRA) members & other Partners:

Kevin Golder, Managing Director of HR Solutions Offshore Limited has joined up with Mathew Beale, Managing Director of Comsure Compliance, to create GolderBeale, the Channel Islands’ first strategic consultancy dedicated to guiding businesses through the maze of Compliance and Human Resource issues, irrespective of the industry sector you are from. Just think of the following ever growing list of laws with which businesses are likely to have to comply in the Channel Islands: (i) financial services; (ii) proceeds of crime; (iii) terrorist financing; companies; (iv) competition; (v) data protection; (vi) employment; (vii) health and safety; (viii) undertakings and development; and the list goes on. GolderBeale will help you in avoiding these laws on a day to day basis.



The CENTRE FOR LEGAL AND BUSINESS STUDIES is a business school and a Knowledge Hub where knowledge is acquired and imparted. It aims to become the Centre of Excellence for Legal & Business studies in Mauritius and the region.
Human Resource Solutions Offshore Limited (HR Solutions), Managing Director – Kevin Golder

HR Solutions is a Jersey based independent consultancy founded by Kevin and shortly to complete its fourth year. It has a wide reach offshore and specialises in a range of strategic HR related services, particularly senior executive development, remuneration and international HR policy development. It has recently strengthened its relationship with SHL, the world’s leading provider of objective people assessment based on psychometric assessments and ability testing. Kevin’s selection to join the SHL partner network positions him as the only HR consultancy in the Channel Islands to hold this esteemed endorsement and gives him access to resources that support the business and significantly enhance the level of service it can provide to its clients.

Kevin has also established the company as a discreet and bespoke provider of key executives for their retained clients across several offshore jurisdictions notably the Eurozone and Caribbean.

Kevin has a UK Trade Finance background particularly forex hedging and documentary letters of credit before making a move into HR management. Prior to moving to Jersey he held a number of specialised HR roles in London including the management and development of the global expatriate programme for HSBC Holdings and its subsidiaries.

Kevin holds various professional memberships and is shortly to complete an M.A.

Contact details: Tel: +44(0)1534 707790 Mobile: (0)7797786075

Key Risk Alliance– the KRA

The Key Risk Alliance (KRA) was formed to engineer a coalition of businesses within related industries to provide a service to the Financial Services Industry.

The KRA will provide a support and auditory service consisting of Legal advice, financial compliance, Anti-money laundering Human resources, Health and safety and IT security evaluations.

The Purpose is to help Financial Institutions to evaluate how well they are complying with their obligations, operating within the Laws and regulations designed to protect investors and organisations.

Our Aim is to offer the support your business needs, so that you can concentrate on offering your clients the service that they demand. By entering into a number of strategic alliances with other service professionals, the KRA is able to offer your organisation a wealth of skills and experience.

Our Objective is to support and reinforce an organisation’s compliance function and framework, to identify, assess, monitor and reports on the organisation’s compliance risk, IT security and Legal obligations.

The KRA can help organisations develop a robust framework in which to operate within. The possession of such a framework will help an organisation:

How we do it

  1. Gain a real understanding of key areas of compliance risk
  2. Build an inventory of its information assets which can be ranked according to their respective importance within the business
  3. Monitor the risk status of critical information resources across the business through regular reports
  4. Focus attention on areas where risk is unacceptably high – specifically within financial services, IT security and Data Protection
  5. Motivate all staff to drive risk down to an acceptable level
  6. Achieve demonstrable savings, thereby improving the bottom line

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