Saturday 23rd September 2023
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Comsure operates in:the UK, Jersey, Guernsey

1. What sort of firms are clients of Comsure?

Comsure has provided compliance services to all sorts of firms, being in the finance and other sectors. All businesses have to manage risk and deal with matters of regulation, and can be penalised for ignoring their responsibilities. We do focus on the finance sector as we have significant expertise in this area. However, all firms must think about areas such as employment law, data protection, companies law and contract and our lawyers are able to discuss such matters with our clients.

2. I am looking at taking on compliance consultancy? Why would I consider Comsure?

Comsure provides a qualitative and comprehensive compliance service using a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Our skillsets extend beyond the world of finance sector regulation and we can provide a holistic approach to dealing with business risk

3. In which areas does Comsure operate in?

While we are based in Jersey, we have considerable experience of working in all parts of the UK, Channel Islands, IOM, Europe and Mauritius.

4. I am expecting a regulatory visit. Can Comsure help with this?

Yes, we can undertake pre-inspection reviews and prepare staff at all levels. Comsure can also help in assisting a firm to manage any resulting report issued or dialogue that is entered into with the Regulator.

5. Can I engage Comsure to take over my compliance function?

Yes and no. You can outsource most of the role, but it is not possible to delegate your legal responsibilities (see risk warning shown in the footer of this website). You must usually appoint someone to assume the role of compliance officer (or other control / Risk officer) and forward this person’s name to your regulator. Comsure could provide consultancy support to this person or their management line (usually the board).

6. I employ a full-time compliance and anti-money laundering team. How can Comsure help my firm?

The compliance function is extensive, requiring knowledge of the regulatory environment, anti-money laundering issues, training management and other areas of business risk. Comsure specialises in each of these areas at a very high level. Furthermore, we keep on top of regulatory issues as they arise. Otherwise, you will be aware of the general adage, ‘High risk is high reward’. If you wish to pursue risky matters, you will need to manage these particularly carefully. This is an area in which we have particular expertise.

7. How does the Key Risk Alliance work?

The Key Risk Alliance is an alliance of boutique specialist firms, each of which deals in differing areas of risk, which have expressed a desire to work together to offer a comprehensive risk management service. Simply, if you require a service which we do not offer but one of our partners in the Key Risk Alliance does offer, we will facilitate a meeting.


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