Saturday 23rd September 2023
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Fifth man charged in cayman money laundering case

Kody Zander is the fifth person to be charged in connection to an ongoing investigation into alleged money laundering of millions of dollars’ worth of gold.

James Hinds, QC, who represents the prosecution in the matter, told Summary Court Magistrate Valdis Foldats,

“Kody Zander was charged in relation to a four-handed matter now before the Grand Court.”

That “four-handed matter” is the case of Daniel Alberto Aguilar Ferriozi, Francisco Antonio Di Ventura Herrera, Pedro Jose Benavides Natera, and Juan Carlos Gonzales Infante. They have all been jointly charged with two counts of money laundering and one count of concealing criminal property.

Hinds told the court Zander was charged on Thursday, 5 Sept., one day before the other four made their initial Grand Court appearance.

The men are alleged to have all played varying roles in the importation of $4 million worth of gold sometime between 27 May and 31 May this year.

An additional US$135,000 cash was found hidden beneath a compartment in a private jet, which transported the gold to Cayman. The money gave rise to a single count of concealing criminal property.

“Obviously he is not charged with the cash, but he is charged with the other offences,” said Hinds.

By Andrel Harris, Cayman Compass, 10 September 2019

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