Thursday 28th May 2020
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Comsure operates in:the UK, Jersey, Guernsey


iTrackCitizenship is Comsure’s bespoke citizenship/residence RISK CALCULATOR AND TRACKER with the added benefit of an online Financial Sanction screening option.

iTrackCitizenship has been designed to provide a cost-effective, secure and compliant solution for governments, their agencies and advisors on residence and citizenship risk development strategies and their implementation.  iTrackCitizenship is used by government advisory practices that focuses on creating favourable risk conditions to help Government access foreign direct investment through the design, implementation and operation of investor immigration and citizenship programs.  These programmes and similar instruments aim to enhance a country’s attractiveness to international entrepreneurs and investors.

The cloud based software has been developed in collaboration with IT specialists, ensuring its suitability to the market. iTrack can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements to help you comply not only with your local regulations but your own policies and procedures. It can be implemented quickly, effectively and efficiently.

iTrackCitizenship has been used in some of the most successful residence and citizenship programs worldwide that have been responsible for more than US$ 3.5 billion foreign direct investment.

Key features

  1. Identification records (e.g. name, address) can be uploaded and saved
  2. Link onto other client data housing systems to allow downloading of data rather than double-digit entry
  3. Risk assess associated legal structures underpinning the client relationship
  4. Analyse risk ratings for individuals across complex structures
  5. Create other risk assessments such as Bribery risks
  6. Can be linked to policies and procedures
  7. On-line secure risk reporting system
  8. Extensive tailored dashboard reporting
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