Sunday 14th July 2024
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Comsure operates in:the UK, Jersey, Guernsey

Comsure does not, and cannot accept the appointment or responsibility of Risk manager/CO/MLRO/MLCO (Compliance / Risk Oversight Function – “compliance”) nor will it act in a management and or control (governance) capacity.

Comsure will only act in a consultancy capacity and will not provide a warranty of compliance with legal, regulatory and other relevant requirements.

Comsure clients will always maintain ultimate responsibility for their compliance with legal, regulatory and other relevant requirements. Accordingly, Comsure's role would be restricted to providing consultancy and assistance with compliance.

Comsure will not be assuming ultimate responsibility for compliance.  As a consultancy business Comsure will assist its clients through the process of improving and developing systems and procedures to assist in meeting legal, regulatory, operational and other relevant requirements. On signing terms of business Comsure’s clients’ acknowledge they bear the primary responsibility for compliance with their legal, regulatory and other relevant requirements. The matters raised by Comsure during its appointment and from time to time will be only those that come to Comsure's attention in the course of the services and are not necessarily a comprehensive statement of all weaknesses that may exist or of all improvements that should be made.

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